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Mixing Monster - Courses Available 2022

Mixing And Mastering Courses

Everything You Need To Know About Mixing & Mastering

In a few months of time, Mixing Monster is starting to offer educational mixing and mastering courses. Step-by-step you will learn how to improve the audio quality of your music. Easy to understand, yet highly professional!

The core of this section will consist of meticulous video courses, which will be accompanied with blog courses, ebooks & various downloadable materials like charts & “cheat sheets”. Choose from a variety of different materials and prepare yourself to learn how to mix & master your own music like a professional!

“Knowledge is a powerful weapon. Arm yourselves with it!”

Online Courses About Mixing & Mastering

Coming Soon!

Here is a short description for our upcoming mixing and mastering courses section. In the future, you can gain access to self paced e-learning video modules,  join blog courses or get started with FREE basic educational material.

Please tell us what kind of topics you are especially interested in by filling out our courses poll! In the meantime, feel free to visit our detailed FAQ section to learn more about our mixing & mastering services. Stay tuned…


Free Material

For beginners, Mixing Monster is planning to offer FREE basic educational material as well as useful tips & hints to get started in the world of modern audio engineering!


Blog Courses

In addition to our video courses, specific blog courses will enable you to solve common and specific problems in mixing and mastering.


Video Courses

Learn everthing you need to know about mixing, mastering & audio engineering in our detailed video courses. Get ready to mix & master your own music like a professional!

Ebooks & Charts

Short and dedicated ebooks as well as straight to the point “cheat sheets” and graphics will round off of our online courses.

The Mixing Monster Method

Advanced Mixing & Mastering

Gain a greater understanding of two key elements of production by learning the Mixing Monster Method to mixing and mastering using Pro Tools.

Essential knowledge for musicians, audio engineers, producers, or hobbyists who have their own home studio up and running, these courses will present concepts that go beyond basic EQ and panning.

Students will be exposed to more advanced mixing and mastering techniques while keeping everything structured and easy to understand at the same time!

Your Music:
Your Choice!

Learn all the pro techniques and discover countless secret weapons of music production that will take your tracks from good to excellent!
You will find a detailed bank of knowledge that will teach you how to work on your own productions: from basics to advanced techniques to state of the art workflows that will turn your tracks into masterpieces!

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