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While the mixing process balances out individually recorded tracks, mastering processes the mixed stereo file. It is an essential process all music that is due to be finalised must go through in order to meet the standards of release.

In the hands of a professional engineer, mastering will achieve a wider, more detailed and controlled sound. It ensures playback of your songs is correct across all devices. EQ, compression, stereo enhancement & final limiting form the basic elements in mastering among multiple other surgical & highly specific adjustments.Balancing out industry standard and genre specific loudness as well as perfect tone while preserving a tasteful dynamic range is crucial. The final product of mastering is a high quality audio file in a suitable release format.

Mastering Service

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What’s Included?

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Mastering transforms a good mix into a perfect song. Our state of the art mastering service will process your mix of any genre for a professional release.

We transform your music mixes into stellar balanced & polished sonic masterpieces. The final touch: compete with any other mastered tune out there.

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Support & Advice

Mixing Monster offers a friendly & helpful experience for all clients both big and small. We understand the client’s needs and work with them side by side to achieve their goals. Contact us or visit our detailed FAQ-page.

Audio Editing

Editing is a part of the music production process which ensures, that your music mix is ready to be mastered. A technical process, which is inevitable before the final mastering processing of your finished mix can start.


Mix Evaluation

In case we discover any crucial flaws in your music mix or if any correctional processes are necessary (which should be fixed in the mixing phase), we will get back to you before we start the mastering process.


Audio Mastering

The last step in any musical production is the mastering process. Mastering gives your mix that last bit of magic, this final touch which makes it release ready. Compete with any other mastered music mix out there.

Every Master Contains:


Remote Audio Mastering

Advanced Audio Editing

FREE Mix Evaluation

Unlimited Free Revisions

Turnaround: 5 Working Days

On Demand

Vocal Loudness Rebalance

Drum Loudness Rebalance

Bass Loudness Rebalance

Tonal Matching To Reference

Advanced Audio Repair


Professional Advice

Express Service Addon

Quantity Discounts

50% Money-Back

1 Year Project Backup

What You Get

High Quality Audio Files:

.WAV 44.1 kHz 24 Bit

.WAV 44.1 kHz 16 Bit

.mp3 320 kBit/s

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Audio Samples

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Our state of the art mixing & mastering service will process your mix of any genre for a professional release.

Take a listen to our work, gain an impression of our mixing & mastering service and how your music could sound like!


We Create Your Radio Ready Song

Perfectly Balanced

Your song will sound meticulously balanced & perfectly arranged.


State Of The Art

Your song will be processed with state of the art audio engineering.


Commercially Loud

Your song will be mastered to perfect & specific loudness values.

Big, Punchy & Clear

Your song will sound pleasingly warm, dynamic, punchy & crystal clear.

Stereo Enhanced

Your song will sound incredibly wide, full, open and larger than life.


Release & radio Ready

Your song will be mastered for a platform wide release.

How It Works

Get Your Song Mixed & Mastered By Mixing Monster

Our state of the art mixing & mastering service will process your mix of any genre for a professional release.


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