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Mixing And Mastering Service Online

Get Your Song Mixed And Mastered By Mixing Monster

Welcome to our premier audio mixing and mastering service online, where your music finds its true potential. Whether you’re an emerging artist or a seasoned producer, our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to delivering top-notch audio quality that stands out in today’s competitive music industry.

We blend technical expertise with creative intuition to ensure your tracks are polished, balanced, and ready for any platform. From intricate mixing that brings out the best in each element of your composition to precise mastering that ensures clarity and consistency across all playback devices, we are committed to excellence.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and industry-standard techniques guarantee a professional finish that highlights your music’s unique character. Let’s transform your sound and make a lasting impression on your audience.



1) Effortless Booking Process

Booking your mixing and mastering service with Mixing Monster is a breeze. Whether you need mixing (with free mastering included) or just mastering, our user-friendly online platform allows you to book your service in just a few clicks. No complicated forms or lengthy procedures—choose your service, checkout, and you’re all set!

2) Simple Drag & Drop Upload

Uploading your recordings has never been easier. With our intuitive drag-and-drop feature, you can quickly and securely upload your tracks directly to our platform while giving us valuable details on your project. This streamlined process ensures that your files and information are safely delivered to our professional engineers without hassle.

3) Quick And Easy Download

Once your tracks are processed (up to five business days), you can download the final mix and master securely from your project page. We prioritize efficiency and quality, so you can expect a polished and professional sound without the long wait!

What Our Clients Said

“Mixing Monster saved our project with their magic mixing and mastering! We dub animation and faced a tight deadline with a TV theme song. They captured the essence of the original and listened to our feedback and requests. Wonderful services and awesome mix. I can’t thank them enough and won’t hesitate to work with them again!”

Julius Guldbog | Vocalist / Sweden

testimonial guldbog



“Mixing Monster offers an incredibly high-quality mixing & mastering service. They are perfectionists, and their mixes were nailed right on the money!”

Bonnie Legion | Singer / USA

testimonial grass



“These guys have an arsenal of musical talent in their pockets. They can structure and produce a masterpiece behind their soundboards. Few people we have worked with are so responsive and perceptive. Thanks for being fast and reliable!”

Sound Legion Records |  Label / USA

testimonial soundlegion



“We found Mixing Monster when looking for mastering of our EP. We couldn’t believe the price given by Mixing Monster! We got so much help and advice along the way and are very pleased with how our EP sounds! We can highly recommend these guys! Thank you so much!”

Hippy Spirit | Artist / Sweden

testimonial hippyspirit



“I’m so glad I found Mixing Monster. They did a mix for a talent show and it came out perfect. I asked for a revision (just some things I wanted a different way), and it came back to me fully revised in less than an hour. Mixing Monster rocks in every sense of the word!”

Kathleen Reitmeyer | Musician / USA

testimonial reitmeyer



“Excellent work guys, loved it!
See you again soon.”

Ryan Holms | Guitarist / Scotland

testimonial holms



“Very nice master and the engineers kept the vision of the song.
Impressive work.”

3 Shots Productions | Producer/ USA

testimonial 3shots



“Thank you! The song sounds great and we are very satisfied.
Looking forward to the next project! “

Marco Redolfi | Musician / Italy

testimonial redolfi



Mixing And Mastering Service

Get Your Song Mixed And Mastered By Mixing Monster

Quantity Discounts Available

Save With Bulk Bookings On Mixing And Mastering Services

Are you looking to get multiple projects mixed and mastered, like an EP or LP? We offer quantity discounts when you book more than one service.

Any combination of our service options can be booked together to enjoy professional mixing and mastering services at a reduced rate for bulk bookings.

Your Music: Only Better!

Get Your Tunes Out There

We’re passionate about helping your music reach its full potential. Our state-of-the-art mixing and mastering services will take your tracks to the next level, ensuring they sound as good as possible.

As soon as you finish uploading your audio files, we will start working on your song. Mixing Monster will treat your music as if it were our own.

Listen to our portfolio to hear the difference and discover how your music could sound. Nothing is holding you back from getting your music out there and heard by the world!


How Do I Get My Music Mixed And Mastered?

With the internet and fast data transfer, mixing and mastering your songs remotely by Mixing Monster has never been more accessible. We offer a friendly & helpful studio experience for all clients, both big and small, from the comfort of your home!

1 – Select your mixing or mastering product (add to cart)

2 – Place your order & upload your audio files (direct upload)

3 – Receive your song & revise it for free if needed (direct download)


Which Mixing Services Does Mixing Monster Offer?

Mixing Monster offers professional audio mixing online, including FREE mastering of your song. Depending on the number of tracks your project contains, you can choose your corresponding mixing product:

You can always order multiple mixes. Feel free to order optional mixing services/addons for your project. By configuring your addon package, you can purchase only what you need, maximizing flexibility and satisfying your performance and budget objectives. Addons can be ordered with your main mixing product or after we finish your mix.


Which Mastering Services Does Mixing Monster Offer?

Mixing Monster offers professional audio mastering online. We master your song in stereo:

You can always order multiple masters. Feel free to order optional mastering services/addons for your project. By configuring your addon package, you can purchase only what you need, maximizing flexibility and satisfying your performance and budget objectives. Addons can be ordered with your main mastering product or after we finish your master.


Can I Get An Overview Of Your Rates?

Mixing Monster offers high-end quality mixing and mastering services and educational courses about audio engineering at affordable and competitive rates. We will meticulously process your song and transform your project into a release-ready masterpiece. Fair flat rate pricing, no hidden costs, a 50% money-back guarantee, and secure, verified payment are included!


What Will My Music Sound Like?

Our experienced mixing and mastering service will process your mix of any genre for a professional release. We want your song to sound as good as possible and fulfill its potential. We ensure your music is 100% release-ready and sounds just as you desire. Experience, commitment, passion, and hard work will get the best out of your project!


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