Your Songs Mixed & Mastered By Mixing Monster

Mixing & Mastering Process

Your Songs Processed By Mixing Monster – How It Works

It’s never been easier with the internet and fast data transfer to have your songs mixed & mastered remotely by Mixing Monster. Book your session & directly upload your music!

We will make your songs sound like pro records you hear on the radio. Sound amazing without spending a fortune. Get your songs mixed & mastered today by following the simple steps below.

3 Simple Steps

1_ Book Your Session 2_ Upload Your Recordings 3_ Receive Your Song

Step 1

Select Your Mixing Or Mastering Product

Select the mixing service that fits your requirements (depending on the amount of audio files you require to be processed) in our mixing section or choose our mastering service and simply click the “Add To Cart” button.

Remember: Mixing always includes FREE Mastering so you don’t need to order mastering on top of mixing!

Step 2

Place Your Order & Upload Your Music

Go to your cart (button top right corner), checkout and place your order. After that, you will receive an email with a link to directly upload all your audio files.

Fill out necessary details for your project, upload your audio files & submit your project. You can also paste a direct downloadlink to your audio files.

Step 3

Receive Your Song & Revise For Free If Needed

As soon as we received your audio files, we will start working on your song. You will receive your fully mixed / mastered song in 5 business days.

Your material will be downloadable from a personalized customer page. In case you want to change anything, you can request as many revisions as you like for free.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Get Your Music Out There

As soon as you have finished uploading your audio files, we will start working on your song. Mixing Monster will treat your music, as if it was our own.

We are so confident you will love our mixing & mastering service, we offer unlimited revisions and even a 50% money-back guarantee. Ensuring your music is 100% release ready and sounding just as you desire!

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