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Mixing Monster empowers musicians and producers to attain the highest sound quality in record time, eliminating the hassle of technical difficulties and the frustration of a less-than-perfect mix, letting your music truly shine!

Whether you’re a newcomer, an established recording artist or producer, a singer/songwriter, a DJ, or a passionate musician, we’ve got you covered.

“Mixing Monster offers an incredibly high-quality mixing & mastering service and online resources for music production. They are perfectionists, and their mixes were nailed right on the money!”

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What Our Clients Said

“Mixing Monster saved our project with their magic mixing and mastering! We dub animation and faced a tight deadline with a TV theme song. They captured the essence of the original and really listened to our feedback and requests. Wonderful services and awesome mix. I can’t thank them enough and won’t hesitate to work with them again!”

testimonial guldbog

Julius Guldbog

Vocalist / Sweden

“Mixing Monster offers an incredibly high quality mixing & mastering service.
They are perfectionists and their mixes were nailed right on the money!”

Vocalist appeared in: EDM Billboard 100 | Hollywood Movie | Advertising Victoria’s Secret

testimonial grass

Bonnie Legion

 Singer / USA

“These guys have an arsenal of musical talent in their pockets. They can structure and produce a masterpiece behind their sound boards. Few people we have worked with are so responsive and perceptive. Thanks for being fast and reliable!”

testimonial soundlegion

Sound Legion Records

 Label / USA

“We found Mixing Monster when looking for mastering of our EP. We couldn’t really believe the price given by Mixing Monster! We got so much help and advice along the way and are very pleased with how our EP sounds! We can highly recommend these guys! Thank you so much!”

testimonial hippyspirit

Hippy Spirit

 Artist / Sweden

“I’m so glad I found Mixing Monster. They did a mix for a talent show and it came out perfect. I asked for a revision (just some things I wanted a different way), and it came back to me fully revised in less than an hour. Mixing Monster rocks in every sense of the word!”

testimonial reitmeyer

Kathleen Reitmeyer

 Musician / USA

“Excellent work guys, loved it!
See you again soon.”

testimonial holms

Ryan Holms

 Guitarist / Scotland

“Very nice master and the engineers kept the vision of the song.
Impressive work.”

testimonial 3shots

3 Shots Productions

 Producer/ USA

“Thank you! The song sounds great and we are very satisfied.
Looking forward to the next project!”

testimonial redolfi

Marco Redolfi

 Musician / Italy

Mixing Monster | Your Music: Only Better!

Mixing And Mastering Music | Get Your Tunes Out There!

We want your music to sound as good as humanly possible. We want your music to fulfill its potential. There has never been a better time to produce and release your music!

Whether you choose our mixing & mastering services or to educate yourself in music and audio production, Mixing Monster has the right solution for you. Nothing is preventing you from getting your music out there!

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Compare Before & After From Our Audio Mixing And Mastering Studio

Our state-of-the-art mixing & mastering service will process your mix of any genre for a professional release.

Listen to our work, and gain an impression of our mixing & mastering service and how your music could sound!

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