Replace Audio File


Replace the audio file (mix) for mastering.
Order this addon & upload a new audio track!


  • Upload a new track, in case work on your project has already started
  • Your track will be replaced and your project will be remastered
  • Turnaround: 5 working days
Replace Audio File

Replace Audio File

In Case Work On Your Project Has Already Started

Mixing Monster will replace your new track in the mastering session.
Order this mastering addon after the main mastering product (click here).
Your project will be remastered afterward.
Need to replace multiple tracks? Just order the corresponding amount of this addon!

Note: The replaced audio file needs to contain similar audio content.
Otherwise, you need to order another mastering session.


  • Replace An Audio File For Mastering
  • In Case Work On Your Project Has Already Started
  • Similar Audio Content Necessary
  • Remastering Of Your Track
  • Turnaround: 5 Working Days

What You Get

Replacement Of Your Audio Track For Mastering
  • Change a track, after we started mastering on your project
  • Remastering of your whole track
  • Files will be downloadable on a personal project page

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