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Radio Edited Mix


Mixing Monster bounces an additional radio edited version of your mix, removing any explicit vocals.

Any parts containing profanity will be smoothly masked to create an interruption-free listening experience.

This alternate mix version can be used for music distribution which requires a non-explicit version of your track.



Radio Edited Mix

Mixing Monster will remove profanity from your mix to create a radio edited mix (suitable for airplay).

Please paste a detailed list of the phrases (with timestamps) you want to have removed in the form on your checkout! Your radio edited mix will be bounced down after we finish mixing your project.

Order this mixing addon with your leading mixing product (click here).


  • Radio Edited Version Of Your Audio Mix:
    Our experienced engineers remove profanity (explicit vocals) in your mix to create a suitable, non-explicit version.
  • Turnaround:
    5 working days from ordering the addon. If you order this addon alongside your leading mixing session, you’ll receive the radio edited mix with your finished mix.

What You Get

  • Radio Edited Version Of Your Main Mix:
    Get a mix with removed explicit vocal parts that do not need to be declared explicit on release.

All files will be downloadable on a personal project page, making it easy to access and share your finished tracks!

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