What Is The Mindset Of A Successful Musician In 2024?

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Building a career as a musician can be very difficult and one of the reasons for this is that so many people lack the mindset of a successful musician and the approach needed to be successful. Even though there is no “universal mindset” all musicians need to develop, there are some critical aspects to consider.

The mindset of a successful musician is based around finding a balance between creativity and the business side of things. A solid mindset can overcome psychological problems that musicians often face in the music business. The psychology needed to create a successful career as a musician can be learned and developed.

Let’s take an in depth look at the psychology of a successful musician!

Table Of Contents

1. The Basic Psychology Of Success In The Music Business

2. You Can’t Be A Successful Musician Without Being A Great Musician

3. Characteristics Of A Successful Musician

4. The Modern Artist’s Mind – Find The Perfect Balance For Success

5. How To Use The Mentality Of A Successful Musician To Your Advantage

6. The Mindset Of A Successful Musician – Thrive In The Music Business!

1. The Basic Psychology Of Success In The Music Business

There are many myths when it comes to the psychology of success in the music business. But there is one basic logic, that can’t be emphasized enough.

When you ask a musician to describe what it takes to make it in the music business, they’ll probably say something about the music itself. “You need to write great songs.” “You need to be able to sing or play them.” “You need to put in the hard work to get the best results.”

But when you ask them to describe what it’s like when they’re successful, they’ll probably describe something completely different.

“You feel like you’re on top of the world.” “You’re playing in front of packed crowds.” “People are singing your songs back to you.” “People are coming up to you to tell you how much they like your music.”

Did you notice the main difference in these descriptions? Musical success can’t be achieved without an audience. What would be the point of being the best musician in the world, when there is nobody who listens to your music?

Musical success is driven by the people who like to listen to your songs. It seems incredibly trivial, but build your carreer around a specific audience!

2. You Can’t Be A Successful Musician Without Being A Great Musician

Music has always been a great form of entertainment. The music industry has been around for a very long time. It has evolved in a number of ways during this time. Today, people can listen to countless specific genres of music.

However, there is a high competition in the music industry. It is therefore not easy to make a name in the industry. Musicians need to have a number of skills in order to succeed in the industry. Becoming a great musician is the foundation!

There are basic principles you need to master:

First of all, musicians need to to know how to play their instruments / sing. This is a result of talent and endless practise! A true musician is also capable of improvising. You know the joke: „How do i get to Carnegie Hall?“ „You practice!“ This is the foundation and also the starting point of a solid career in the music business.

The second part of your way to success is to understand the business of the industry. Musicians need to know how to market their music! They need to connect to the right people in order to move forward.

In order to succeed, you need to find a balance between these two things (see point 4).

4. The Modern Artist’s Mind – Find The Perfect Balance For Success

So what about the mentality of a successful musician? There is a balance that has to be achieved in the modern musician’s mind. It’s important to be able to play the music that you love, but you also need to be thinking about the business side of your music.

But how do you balance the two? Separate them!

Most of the time, it’s best to get necessary business out of your head first. By doing this, you will find yourself playing the music that you love even better & also more than before. You don’t want to think about the business of your music while you’re out on stage or while you’re in your studio.

Free your mind from the „business side“ first by getting necessary things done. Then lean back and enjoy your own creativity while committing to the musical side of things! Even your brain separates these tasks and processes them in different locations. So keep things separated!

Become A Successful Musician!

5. How To Use The Mentality Of A Successful Musician To Your Advantage

One of the most important things to understand about the mentality of successful artists is that musicians are perceived as successful by the people who matter, the audience. If you’re a musician, you’re already at an advantage. It’s not surprising that many musicians are also great performers.

If you’re putting on a show, you want to make sure every audience member has the best experience possible. This is your main task. You want them to be entertained. You want them to feel like the music is speaking to them. You want them to feel like you’re making an intimate connection with them.

It’s about knowing your audience, knowing what to say and how to say it to them. And you want them to remember you. It is all about them, not yourself!

You may have heard that being a musician isn’t as lucrative as it used to be. The music industry has changed, and so have the economics. As a result, musicians are now forced to be more creative with the way they promote their art.

There are many ways to promote music, but knowing how to use psychology to market your music can be the difference between failure and success.

This is a task, that is very hard to master on your own, as there are so many things to consider regarding successful marketing. Music marketing is also genre specific. Consider outsourcing this task: find the right people to handle the job or ask for help, in case you are new in the business!

In the music industry, it’s all about who you know and who knows you. It’s about being able to break into the business and the opportunities that come from that. It’s about your art and how you promote and market it. It’s about who you look like and what you sound like and who you appeal to.

Knowing your strengths and how to play to them is very important to establish yourself as an artist. Understanding what to do next and how to do it to be successful is crucial.

The music industry is a business and it’s a cutthroat one at that. Stay true to yourself. Avoid trying to “act” your role as an artist. It consumes too much energy, which you can’t afford spending!

So which mindset will navigate you through all of this? Know your skills, know who you are and what you want to become. At all time! Stay calm and focussed.

Surround yourself with people who have a positive mindset and share your dreams. Avoid people who just consume your energy. Be aware of the fact that you will face failure at some point. And trust yourself while overcoming any issues!

But most importantly: remind yourself of your love for music! If you love what you do, people will automatically notice you. Just be visible and reach out to your specific audience. Success will come sooner or later!

6. The Mindset Of A Successful Musician – Thrive In The Music Business!

So you want to be a successful musician. Maybe you even want to be a star. But how do you get there? This blog post covered the basic mindset you need to develop in order to be successful in the music business.

We all know that there is no such thing as overnight success, and becoming a great musician is no different.

It takes hard work and determination, and most importantly, it takes a lot of self-awareness and understanding of who you are as a musician. The more you know yourself, the better you are able to handle the trials and tribulations of being a musician.

Thrive In The Music Business!

Studies have shown that there are three main factors that contribute to success in the music industry. These are:

  1. Self-discipline
  2. Self-confidence
  3. Self-motivation

These are things that can be learned!

The most essential thing an aspiring musician can do is to learn how to practice. The more you practice, the better you become. This is self-discipline. Practice will also build your self-confidence, which is essential for success.

The only other thing that will help you is to stay focused on the goal of becoming a successful musician. Motivation and focus are the two most important things when it comes to self-discipline. If you stay focused on the goal, you will never get tired of practicing hard.

It isn’t always easy to find your way in the music business, but it is something that can be done. Again: remind yourself of your love for music! Define your goals, connect with the right people and stay true to yourself.

And even if you don’t become a superstar, you might experience “success” in a different, but fulfilling way along your path!


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